Production-ready and scalable backend apps just in few steps


Define your data model

Complete control over data model design, data validation, and processing

Persistent and transient data models with basic, advanced, and sub-model fields

Multi-level data hierarchies and references to other models

Static and dynamic default value expressions

Built-in and custom field level validation rules

Automatic RESTful endpoints and services for CRUD operations

Altogic Model Definition


Build your app services

Graphical business logic and service flow design through built-in and extensible marketplace nodes and connectors


Create an environment and deploy your app

Create an environment and deploy your application snapshot in seconds

Create environments for development, test, and production versions of your applications

Create full-access, read-only, or custom API keys to authenticate and authorize requesting parties

Auto-redeploy application design changes to environments instantly

Auto-generate API documentation and share it with 3rd parties

Use the built-in Tester to verify the endpoints and services of your applications

List of Environments in Altogic


Run your app services by calling the exposed RESTful API endpoints

Consume your application services from any client (React, Vue, Angular etc.), mobile apps or even IoT devices, using the exposed RESTful API endpoints of your app.

Frontend service integrations in Altogic

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