Build backend apps faster

Powerful backend app development and execution platform
helping you to easily build, deploy and manage scalable web services.

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Why Altogic?

Develop and deploy your backend apps
with clicks in minutes

Reduce time-to-market

Powerful graphical service development capabilities help you visually develop and deploy your backend apps in minutes.

Decrease the total cost of ownership

You can do more with fewer resources in a shorter time with a fully managed backend cloud infrastructure.

Enable business & IT collaboration

Business and IT teams can collaborate on the same platform and jointly design business services.

Enable quick iterations

You can easily create an MVP with a real backend to test your product & service ideas and iterate quickly on feedback.

Top features

All the key technologies you need to develop your applications
are pre-integrated and ready-to-use

Authentication & authorization

Protect your application's RESTful endpoints with an API key. If needed, enforce session tokens and role-based authorizations.

Data modeling

Build complex data models with relations, rich set of fields, multilevel data hierarchies, and built-in and custom validation rules.

Database operations

Run all CRUD operations, query your data using simple and easy-to-understand expressions, paginate and iterate over data, and execute transactions.

Document management

Quickly and easily store and serve application content, such as photos and files. Manage documents (rename, replace, duplicate) and their access rights.

Service design

Model complex business logic using conditional nodes, loops/iterations, expressions, rich set of functions, and 3rd party RESTful API services.

Data caching

Store frequently accessed data in a high-speed data storage layer to increase data retrieval performance.

Message queues

Offload heavy computations from a parent service to a child one for asynchronous processing so that the parent service can return a response to the client faster.

Scheduled jobs

Internally trigger service executions (cron jobs) that ran periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals to automate maintenance, administration, and repetitive jobs.

Version control

Packages your application design elements in snapshots to manage versions of your applications and deploy them to environments.

App deployment

Provision execution environments and auto-redeploy your application design changes to all non-production environments in seconds.

Third-party service integrations

Use any third-party service that has a RESTful API

With Altogic's drag-and-drop visual service builder,
connect to any external service with a RESTful API and use it in your service designs.

Third-party integrations
Frontend integration

Integrate Altogic into your frontend easily

Connect Altogic with your favorite frontend frameworks, tools,
or static site generators through RESTful API.

Frontend integration

How can Altogic help you?

Deliver products at lightning speeds with lower costs by removing repetitive tasks and leveraging robust cloud infrastructure.
Product Managers
Reach your goals faster by quickly launching MVPs, iterating on your customers' feedback, and responding to your competition.
Take control of product development and collaborate with your team on the same platform to quickly launch the initial version of your product.
Eliminate lengthy set-ups, integrations, and deployments and focus on what matters for your application.

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